• 6 Midday Break Ideas

    Everyone deals with stress and anxiety to some degree in their working lives. Not only do these feelings impact our productivity at work, they negatively impact our overall health and wellbeing. We all know stress is bad, but coping with stress can often seem daunting.

    Dealing with stress and anxiety is easier to do in small ways, knowing that forming small good habits can add up to have a big positive impact. One easy place to start is with your lunch break.

    Rethink your habit of eating a salad at your desk, and instead consider some ways that you can use that midday break to boost your mental health at work. Check out some of our top ideas for simple ways you can spend your lunch hour improving your stress levels and productivity.

    We gathered together all our best tips for keeping employees healthy and happy. 

    1. Eat Lunch Away From Your Desk

    A great first step to changing your lunch habit is to step away from your desk. Justworks’ partner Health Advocate suggests heading to the break room or office cafeteria to unplug and avoid the temptation to check email. Take the time for yourself, and try reading a book or socialize with colleagues. Even this small change in scenery can help boost your energy levels and allow you to de-stress.

    2. Take a Walk

    For an even bigger energy boost, get some fresh air and go for a walk. Walking has many mental health benefits, and science backs this up.

    One study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sportsfound that people who walked at lunchtime three times a week felt better, even after walking for just 30 minutes. They reported feeling less tense, more enthusiastic, and more relaxed, and even felt they could better cope with their workload. It makes sense — happy people have been shown to be more productive.

    3. Get Out in Nature

    Whenever possible, try to take your daily break out in nature. For those of us who work in cities, aim to head to the nearest park or green space. In addition to simply being more beautiful and hopefully more relaxing, nature may help to decrease stress and anxiety.

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